4 Simple Teacher Hacks to Be More Productive

Recently, Steph and I have decided to take on the huge task of writing a new eBook for Strong Figure called the Total Health and Fitness Makeover. Huge task is an understatement. Pouring through studies, reading peer-reviewed journals, conducting interviews, translating a bunch of sciency stuff into a language people understand…this book has been WAY more demanding and WAY more time consuming than we could have ever imagined.

Despite the HUGE project, my teaching has not missed a beat. I am as caught up as I ever am.

I owe all my success to these four simple productivity hacks:


Productivity Hack 1

I catch up with my work email when I am waiting in line at the copier or when I am at the gym resting between workout sets, or other such times. And I separate my personal email to be read at home when I can focus on it, catch up on the blogs I read, and connect with friends or family.

I no longer need to grade student homework at home!


Productivity Hack 2

I really really really hate grading at home. I try to put about 20 hours a week of work into our WWG Business. If you add in sleep, eating, and the gym…I don’t have time to grade papers at home.


Productivity Hack 3

This reduces the amount of grading by 50%.


Productivity Hack 4

So John’s partners might look as follows:Picture1

Notice Sue is John’s Water partner, here is what Sue’s partners look like:Picture2


Using partners is a great way to increase understanding and it saves the teacher time as well. Another bonus hack: give the partners very specific instructions of what to check for when they partner up. This will not only help provide feedback for each student but it will help all the students to understand what learning is expected of them.

Good luck with these hacks! What productivity tips do you use in your own classroom?

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