Poorteachers is a new blog written by teachers for teachers. We strive to help the Overworked, Stressed Out, and Financially Poor. Our mission is to help teachers become better in the profession, more efficient in the classroom, and minimize the stress and work that comes with this overly demanding job. We also believe teachers should be paid in accordance with the amount of work they do, the importance they have in our communities, and they should be compensated to the level of expertise they demonstrate in our schools.

Teachers are overworked, stressed out, and financially poor. We envision a day when teaching is not only an honorable career that we love because of the difference we make; but a career  we love because we are remunerated for all of our hard work, our commitment to our students, and the value we bring to our community and our nation.

We hope you join us in our vision to help teachers become one of the most valued, appreciated, and compensated professions in the country.

How do we envision helping?

First, the Teacher’s Apple will be a place to find humor and inspiration — for those days you just need that apple.

Second, on-line learning tools can make your job easier and better.  Fortunately, we use these quite often and we can share our knowledge to help fellow teachers.

Third, we all need professional help (we chose this profession after all.)  Jokes aside, navigating re-licensure, teacher evaluation processes, and financial difficulties is something all teachers deal with and poorteachers wants to help.

And fourth, we want a place where teachers can help teachers.  We are all in this together.