Poor Teachers is Back

Teacher from flickr

I want to apologize to our subscribers since it has been SO long since we last posted. When we started Poor Teachers, we had some high ambitions about it becoming a site to not only help teachers but we looked at this site as an entrepreneurial venture to meet a need. Our tag line, "Helping the Overworked, Stressed Out, and Financially Poor" was without argument true and is still true today. We believed that when there is a need, that need should be filled. Teachers need help and we envisioned … [Read more...]

Free Money For Teachers


FREE MONEY!!! Getting money for your classroom is a scary thought.  Who wants to write a grant?  Who wants to beg? Well one site, DonorsChoose.org, has made it super easy!  So finally you can ask for that software you need or that classroom set of The Kite Runner that you have been wanting. DonorsChoose.org is an online charity that allows public school teachers to post requests for their classrooms. Several teachers have had great success at my high school with this site and I plan to … [Read more...]

Stop and Celebrate Teachers


There are two professions that EVERYONE thinks they can do and do better: politicians and teachers. I don't know much about being a politician but I do know not everyone can be a teacher, let alone a good teacher. Seriously, how many people can be a teacher? You teach the past, guide the present, and build the future. You listen to the cries of pain, sadness, and embarrassment. You feel the abuse, hunger, and loss of the innocent. You need to have the strength to battle germs, egos, … [Read more...]