Middle School Heroes

Keith Orr

One of the first articles I ever wrote for poor teachers, A Hero is Struggling in Your School, was about a true hero named Jack Burleson. When I saw this video I was reminded of Jack and I was reminded that often children can teach adults just as much as we could ever teach them. This will warm your heart: To read more on the story click here. … [Read more...]

3 Ways I’m a Bad Teacher

bad teacher  by Indri Rizal

For about a year I struggled with the idea of starting a teaching blog.  On the one hand, its the perfect blogging niche.  Teachers are a creative and thoughtful audience and most of us like to read. On the other hand, teachers are supposed to be perfect.  Society wants us to be 100% devoted to the classroom 100% of the time, morally perfect, and God forbid we act human every now and then.  The teacher that society wants us to be is boring and no one wants to read whatever he or she … [Read more...]

Improve Your Class Discussions

the wave by KNOW MALTA by Peter Grima

Use Chat Stations to Enhance Class Discussions I discovered this strategy from the folks at Cult of Pedagogy and I decided to try it out with my Sociology class. Last week we watched the movie, The Wave, about a true story where a high school history teacher devised an experiment to explain why the German people fell into the power and control of the Nazi government.  This is a powerful and thought-provoking movie.  It is the perfect topic to try chat stations. Before class began, I … [Read more...]