Do You Need More Money?


If you are a teacher then chances are the answer is YES. Recently, I listed to a podcast about a husband and wife, who were both teachers, that changed their poor situation and are now making their old salary a month! Jocelyn Sams, a former elementary librarian, and Shane Sams,a former PE teacher, began making money sharing their teaching resources through their own websites: and You can checkout the podcast here Here is a cool infographic brought … [Read more...]

3 Myths About Teaching


Before I share this awesome infographic put together by, I want to apologize if you received my last post, 4 Simple Teacher Hacks to Be More Productive, twice in your email inbox, or not at all. I am in the process of changing email providers so there may be a few hiccups along the way. If you have any problems with your email subscription PLEASE let me know. Thank you so much for following!!! … [Read more...]

4 Simple Teacher Hacks to Be More Productive


Recently, Steph and I have decided to take on the huge task of writing a new eBook for Strong Figure called the Total Health and Fitness Makeover. Huge task is an understatement. Pouring through studies, reading peer-reviewed journals, conducting interviews, translating a bunch of sciency stuff into a language people understand...this book has been WAY more demanding and WAY more time consuming than we could have ever imagined. Despite the HUGE project, my teaching has not missed a beat. I am … [Read more...]