Do You Need More Money?


If you are a teacher then chances are the answer is YES. Recently, I listed to a podcast about a husband and wife, who were both teachers, that changed their poor situation and are now making their old salary a month! Jocelyn Sams, a former elementary librarian, and Shane Sams,a former PE teacher, began making money sharing their teaching resources through their own websites: and You can checkout the podcast here Here is a cool infographic brought … [Read more...]

3 Myths About Teaching


Before I share this awesome infographic put together by, I want to apologize if you received my last post, 4 Simple Teacher Hacks to Be More Productive, twice in your email inbox, or not at all. I am in the process of changing email providers so there may be a few hiccups along the way. If you have any problems with your email subscription PLEASE let me know. Thank you so much for following!!! … [Read more...]

4 Simple Teacher Hacks to Be More Productive


Recently, Steph and I have decided to take on the huge task of writing a new eBook for Strong Figure called the Total Health and Fitness Makeover. Huge task is an understatement. Pouring through studies, reading peer-reviewed journals, conducting interviews, translating a bunch of sciency stuff into a language people understand...this book has been WAY more demanding and WAY more time consuming than we could have ever imagined. Despite the HUGE project, my teaching has not missed a beat. I am … [Read more...]

How to Find YOUR Loophole in Life


Sidhartha Gautama, the Buddha, said that life is dukkha, a term which loosely translates to suffering. I am not sure English has a word that really captures the concept of dukkha, but scholars have used synonyms like stress and suffering to illustrate what it is that dukkha actually means. The Buddha said: Birth is dukkha, aging is dukkha, death is dukkha; sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief, & despair are dukkha; association with the unbeloved is dukkha; separation from the loved is dukkha; … [Read more...]

Destroy the Factory


The Factory Henry Ford is one of the most influential people in the history of the world, primarily because of the mass production techniques he introduced to modern industrialization. In order to make his automobile affordable, Ford knew he had to keep productions costs low and efficient. He did this primarily through three concepts: (1) make parts interchangeable; (2) employ extreme division of labor; and (3) incorporate the assembly line. I understand that none of these ideas were … [Read more...]

Google Classroom Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I am not sure if this is a "bad" but it is worth noting that your students will have to have a Gmail account.

Google Classroom has been live for a few months now and I have been using it in my classroom since the middle of August. There are a lot of really awesome features of this teaching tool, but a few areas that could probably use improving. If you are unfamiliar with Google Classroom, here is a two minute synopsis of this teaching tool: And here is a 3 minute read on the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Google Classroom. Basically, Google Classroom serves as a central hub for any online … [Read more...]

Poor Teachers is Back

Teacher from flickr

I want to apologize to our subscribers since it has been SO long since we last posted. When we started Poor Teachers, we had some high ambitions about it becoming a site to not only help teachers but we looked at this site as an entrepreneurial venture to meet a need. Our tag line, "Helping the Overworked, Stressed Out, and Financially Poor" was without argument true and is still true today. We believed that when there is a need, that need should be filled. Teachers need help and we envisioned … [Read more...]

Free Money For Teachers


FREE MONEY!!! Getting money for your classroom is a scary thought.  Who wants to write a grant?  Who wants to beg? Well one site,, has made it super easy!  So finally you can ask for that software you need or that classroom set of The Kite Runner that you have been wanting. is an online charity that allows public school teachers to post requests for their classrooms. Several teachers have had great success at my high school with this site and I plan to … [Read more...]

Teachers Bring Students to Europe

Belgium, Paris, & Switzerland 255

Imagine spending two nights in Bruges, Belgium Travel across the battlefields of WWI through Amiens to check out the Mona Lisa in Paris. Spend three days in Paris... Before heading over to Lausanne, Switzerland Now imagine bringing your students with you on this amazing trip?!? Jessica Little and Megan Shifflett, foreign language teachers from Fort Defiance High School, made that brave decision this past summer. … [Read more...]

What is a Thigh Gap?

do you want a thigh gap infographic

Recently I overheard some students talking about having a "thigh gap." A thigh gap is a space that exists between a woman's legs when she stands with her knees together. Because of my connections with Strong Figure, I actually knew what they were talking about.  One of strongfigure's contributors, April Harper, had written an article on this obsession among young women today. After reading this and doing a little of my own research I was shocked to find that young females actually want this. … [Read more...]