Are You a Hostage in Your Own Life?

by Trekking Rinjani

Resolve Conflict, Become a Leader Each year, the City of Harrisonburg Virginia brings in Dr. George Flanagan to speak to its employees for 7+ hours a day--for five whole days. Flanagan  is a speaker who trains entire city departments about leadership, organization, management, and psychology. Click HERE to read a full bio--I'm positive you'll be blown away by his accomplishments. And he's good too--REALLY good. Most speakers, especially ones who speak for seven hours a day, are a bit drab, … [Read more...]

Stop and Celebrate Teachers


There are two professions that EVERYONE thinks they can do and do better: politicians and teachers. I don't know much about being a politician but I do know not everyone can be a teacher, let alone a good teacher. Seriously, how many people can be a teacher? You teach the past, guide the present, and build the future. You listen to the cries of pain, sadness, and embarrassment. You feel the abuse, hunger, and loss of the innocent. You need to have the strength to battle germs, egos, … [Read more...]

Middle School Heroes

Keith Orr

One of the first articles I ever wrote for poor teachers, A Hero is Struggling in Your School, was about a true hero named Jack Burleson. When I saw this video I was reminded of Jack and I was reminded that often children can teach adults just as much as we could ever teach them. This will warm your heart: To read more on the story click here. … [Read more...]

3 Ways I’m a Bad Teacher

bad teacher  by Indri Rizal

For about a year I struggled with the idea of starting a teaching blog.  On the one hand, its the perfect blogging niche.  Teachers are a creative and thoughtful audience and most of us like to read. On the other hand, teachers are supposed to be perfect.  Society wants us to be 100% devoted to the classroom 100% of the time, morally perfect, and God forbid we act human every now and then.  The teacher that society wants us to be is boring and no one wants to read whatever he or she … [Read more...]

Improve Your Class Discussions

the wave by KNOW MALTA by Peter Grima

Use Chat Stations to Enhance Class Discussions I discovered this strategy from the folks at Cult of Pedagogy and I decided to try it out with my Sociology class. Last week we watched the movie, The Wave, about a true story where a high school history teacher devised an experiment to explain why the German people fell into the power and control of the Nazi government.  This is a powerful and thought-provoking movie.  It is the perfect topic to try chat stations. Before class began, I … [Read more...]

No More Bad Meetings: Three Mistakes and One Solution

Friday meeting by markhillary

I took a course at Eastern Mennonite University a couple years ago called Teaming and Collaboration. Essentially it was a course on running effective meetings.  While researching for this course, I was shocked to find out how often schools meet and how bad most meetings are. The Two Biggest Meeting Mistakes A couple weeks ago the Virginia High School League (VHSL) reminded me how NOT to run a meeting.  They made maybe the two biggest mistakes anyone could make when running a meeting. … [Read more...]

Are You Tired of Poor Grammar?

texting by IntelFreePress

Dear students across the nation: For the love of God, start taking value in your FREE education that America is providing. Listen to your teachers. Try to learn something. You're making fools of yourself. Here's why: … [Read more...]

North Carolina Should Be Ashamed

Courtesy of

Last week Stephanie sent me a very interesting map called, The United States of Shame.  And a few states stood out to me: Virginia, of course; Washington, which was a little disturbing; Utah was strange and surprising; and for whatever reason, the fact North Carolina had the lowest teacher salaries, caught my attention. Obviously being a teacher played into me noticing North Carolina among the shame of arson, gonorrhea, and what exactly does weakest government influence mean?  But more … [Read more...]

Should I get a Facebook?


I have been struggling with this question for a little over a year. On one hand, I have very little desire to have a Facebook account for social reasons.  I can barely keep up with my social life as it is and my email in-boxes currently have 77 unread messages. Why in the world would I want another thing to keep up with? But on the other hand, I am a blogger and I just started this brand new blog.  Since I am a teacher, I have very little time and if I am going to spend time blogging then … [Read more...]

9 Year Old Reads Too Many Books, Librarian Fired.

books by Emily Carlin

Dig into Reading The Hudson Falls Public Library holds a summer reading contest, called Dig into Reading, to see who can read the most books.  9 year old, Tyler Weaver, the self proclaimed "King of the Reading Club," has won the contest the last five years.  Tyler's Mother, Katie Weaver, was so proud of her son that she contacted the local paper, The Post Star, about doing a story on his accomplishments. The Post Star followed up Weaver's request by contacting the library director, Marie … [Read more...]