Should I get a Facebook?


I have been struggling with this question for a little over a year. On one hand, I have very little desire to have a Facebook account for social reasons.  I can barely keep up with my social life as it is and my email in-boxes currently have 77 unread messages. Why in the world would I want another thing to keep up with? But on the other hand, I am a blogger and I just started this brand new blog.  Since I am a teacher, I have very little time and if I am going to spend time blogging then … [Read more...]

9 Year Old Reads Too Many Books, Librarian Fired.

books by Emily Carlin

Dig into Reading The Hudson Falls Public Library holds a summer reading contest, called Dig into Reading, to see who can read the most books.  9 year old, Tyler Weaver, the self proclaimed "King of the Reading Club," has won the contest the last five years.  Tyler's Mother, Katie Weaver, was so proud of her son that she contacted the local paper, The Post Star, about doing a story on his accomplishments. The Post Star followed up Weaver's request by contacting the library director, Marie … [Read more...]

Twenty Percent of Boys Have ADHD?!?!

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According to new data released from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), nearly one in five boys is diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  This is over a 50% rise in the last decade! Why is there such an increase in diagnosis and why is the trend likely to continue? To answer this question, let us look at how ADHD is diagnosed.  There is NO test.  Even though the disorder is currently described by most health professionals as resulting in abnormal chemical levels … [Read more...]