Are You a Hostage in Your Own Life?

by Trekking Rinjani

Resolve Conflict, Become a Leader Each year, the City of Harrisonburg Virginia brings in Dr. George Flanagan to speak to its employees for 7+ hours a day--for five whole days. Flanagan  is a speaker who trains entire city departments about leadership, organization, management, and psychology. Click HERE to read a full bio--I'm positive you'll be blown away by his accomplishments. And he's good too--REALLY good. Most speakers, especially ones who speak for seven hours a day, are a bit drab, … [Read more...]

Stop and Celebrate Teachers


There are two professions that EVERYONE thinks they can do and do better: politicians and teachers. I don't know much about being a politician but I do know not everyone can be a teacher, let alone a good teacher. Seriously, how many people can be a teacher? You teach the past, guide the present, and build the future. You listen to the cries of pain, sadness, and embarrassment. You feel the abuse, hunger, and loss of the innocent. You need to have the strength to battle germs, egos, … [Read more...]

Middle School Heroes

Keith Orr

One of the first articles I ever wrote for poor teachers, A Hero is Struggling in Your School, was about a true hero named Jack Burleson. When I saw this video I was reminded of Jack and I was reminded that often children can teach adults just as much as we could ever teach them. This will warm your heart: To read more on the story click here. … [Read more...]