I Need Professional Help

Professional Development…UGH!!!

Say these two words, “Professional Development” to teachers and feelings of dread quickly overcome us and for good reason.  If that doesn’t work try this one, “In-service.”

The problem is the powers behind education reform have limited opportunities to reach the people who matter — US.  Sporadic workdays, a faculty meeting here or there, and maybe for the well-off school districts a conference is all we get to help us improve as teachers.  There really is great information out there, but if we are inundated with too much or with stuff we are already doing, we will quickly ignore any relevance a new idea may have.

Poorteachers, for now, would like to focus on how to help us deal with these new innovations, new policy changes, and how to improve our professionalism as teachers.

Our first area of interest we hope to address here is the new Teacher Evaluation Process that has recently hit over half the states in America.

As poorteachers grows, we will focus on the professional needs that we feel will best help us to make teaching easier.