What is a Thigh Gap?

Recently I overheard some students talking about having a “thigh gap.”

A thigh gap is a space that exists between a woman’s legs when she stands with her knees together.

Because of my connections with Strong Figure, I actually knew what they were talking about.  One of strongfigure’s contributors, April Harper, had written an article on this obsession among young women today. After reading this and doing a little of my own research I was shocked to find that young females actually want this.  So much so that they starve themselves to achieve this extremely thin look.

As if the pressures on young women and beauty were not already extreme enough…now they have to have a gap between their legs when their knees touch?  NUTS!!!

I wanted to share this information with anyone teaching young females.  This is potentially a very dangerous obsession. Strongfigure has made an infographic to help educate the public about the thigh gap and poorteachers wants to do its part in sharing this information:

do you want a thigh gap infographic

To find the infographic in its original location click here.

Please help poorteachers and strongfigure get this information out there.

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